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Ethics Reporting Line

Loyola Marymount University recognizes its obligation to its students, faculty and staff, and the friends and organizations with whom it does business to maintain the highest ethical standards in its operations. Ensuring that these standards are met furthers the University's mission as it seeks to promote justice in all endeavors. The confidential reporting line is a tool to support LMU's commitment to integrity.

Please note: Do not use the Ethics Reporting Line to report an immediate threat to life or property. If you require emergency assistance, dial 911. For Public Safety assistance on the Westchester Campus, dial x222 or 310.338.2893. For Loyola Law School emergency assistance, call 213-736-1121.

File a Confidential Report

  • Confidentiality Disclosure: The telephone and online reporting options provided below are hosted by an off-campus, third-party provider and NOT part of LMU's systems.
  • By Telephone: Call 866.294.6139.
  • Online: Get Started Here  

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